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Dead Girls the Graphic Novel launched August 2014 at SF Worldcon (Loncon 3) and collects the 8-issue comic-book Dead Girls series published by The House of Murky Depths. A review of the graphic novel, and an interview with the author, is up at SFcrowsnest.


The German edition of Dead Girls  was adapted into a two-part radio drama and aired on Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) (North German Broadcasting) October 2014. Directed by Martin Heindel, it starred Max Mauff as Ignatz Zwakh and Janina Stopper as Primavera Bobinski.

Dead Heata previously unpublished story that is something of an addendum to Dead Girls the Graphic Novel may be read online (under the menu heading Online Fiction) or here.

Excerpts from Dead Boys, translated into Japanese by Mamoru Masuda (who has translated, not only Dead Boys, but Dead Girls and Dead Things ) were carried in the science fiction poetry issue (April 2015) of Gendaishi Techo (Japanese Contemporary Poetry Magazine).







The Spanish translation of Babylon will be published June 2016 by Dilatando

Mentes to be followed by Frenzetta.

Spanish website Sense of Wonder recently carried an interview.


See the Babylon video here.







The author has written the introduction to Michael Manning's collected edition of The Spider Garden. Publication and other details to follow.


Current projects (as of May 2016) include a new novella, or short novel, called The Omphalos.


A graphic story collaboration with Michael Manning is in the planning stage.

Postcripts 32/33 Far Voyager (December 2014) is the latest anthology from PS Publishing and features stories from twenty nine of today's finest speculative fiction writers, including Michael Swanwick, Paul Park, and Ian Watson.


Jacketed hardcover. Edited by Nick Gevers.  And featuring the author's story We Are Not Alone.

Babylon (2006), a novel first published by PS Publishing, is now available as an e-book, along with its companion piece, the novella After The Party (2006), originally published in Interzone over three issues .



Dead Girls the Graphic Novel  (August 2014) is an adaptation and radical reimagining of the author's 1992 cyberpunk, or postcyberpunk novel Dead Girls.


A 208-page full-colour trade paperback. Story and Script: Richard Calder. Art: Leonardo M Giron. Introduction: Lavie Tidhar. Afterword: KJ Bishop. Cover: Jim Burns.


'A fiendish futuristic fairytale full of style and invention. A thrilling tale told at breakneck pace with beautiful manga-inspired artwork. Highly recommended.' SFX





'The sort of full-tilt, comics-with-guitars sprint that would make 2000AD proud. In fact, 2000AD’s a pretty solid touchstone for the entire thing with Giron's excellent, spacious artwork evoking Carlos Ezquerra at his best. There's the same neon-soaked landscapes, the same sense of stories and characters existing in the cracks of a larger world and the same cheerful fondness for violence. An intoxicating, at times deeply disturbing sprint through a cyberpunk underworld in the company of either the worst, or best, possible people we could go there with. Very fast, often very funny and brimming with energy and invention, Dead Girls is cyberpunk in its purest, most mercurial form and a must read for fans of the genre.' Travelling Man

Published in Interzone #40, Oct 1990, The Allure was title story of the author's first published book in Japanese. (The Allure, translated by Hisashi Asakura, Tankabon Hardcover, Tokyo, Treville, 1991.) It is a story of fashion, fashionistas, and fascism, of goon squads come to town, of living clothes, Paris at Night and the transfigured Paris-at-Night that is Godard's Alphaville. Available, now, as an e-book short from Amazon.

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