The Secret Museum

The Secret Museum is now open.

This virtual museum is an ongoing, open-ended project. It goes live today not because it is finished—it will never be finished—but because its present state of development displays a certain self-contained, narrative arc.

The Secret Museum is both fiction and meta-fiction.

For those curious enough to enter its portals, be aware that its central area—that is, the rooms dedicated to The Omphalos Project—though ostensibly linear, are embedded with links that will lead the reader into other rooms. And some of those rooms may lead the reader further away from the Omphalos exhibition itself. The navigation buttons, however, will allow the intrepid explorer to return to whatever section of path they originally ventured from, and they may proceed as before.

Be aware, too, that some images are animated while others contain mouse-over effects. Therefore, let your mouse, along with your curiosity, range freely.

For more in the way of introduction, be sure to visit the museum’s Grand Courtyard before going further.

Expect other acquisitions to be on display in the months to come.

Bon voyage, mes amis!

Richard Calder, Curator, Department of Earth2 and Epheibian Futiquities.

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