MIT’s SNARE null-space teleporter

By 2015, the repository of teleported objects at our disposal ran into tens of thousands, but lacking an epiphenomenal artefact that might provide the requisite semiotic key, continued to defy exegesis. Indeed, their graphemes were so arbitrary, perhaps so wholly phatic, that some of us, like early Egyptologists pondering the import of hieroglyphs, opined that we might not be dealing with prima facie evidence of a written language at all, but a cipher in which signifiers had, at best, only a tangential relationship to the signified. Some went further, averring that the captured artefacts indicated that we had discovered a doppelgänger civilization that was like ours in all respects but one: that is, it curiously, and inexplicably, possessed no form of verbal communication, its sensibility so outré, so contrary to our own, as to be not only unintelligible, but—however much its marks, signs, icons, and figures teased at meaning—to necessarily remain so.

What, of course, we had not considered is what should have been self-evident: a parallel universe that seemed to share our timeline [1] would have duplicated our interdimensional technology. Like us, its inhabitants would be deciphering and tuning into wavelengths of a sliding-door multiverse that, though otherwise out of phase, could, with the construction of a dimensional portal stabilized by negative energy, interact, and allow exchanges of information, energy, and matter. And this traversible Einstein-Rosen bridge, surely complemented by the development of a portage device similar to MIT’s SNARE null-space teleporter, would have allowed them to capture artefacts from other dimensions, including our own. If this hypothesis had been factored into earlier attempts at scientific modelling, we would have understood that Earth2 might be expected to be as cognizant of us as we were of them; that they would be in possession of manmade objects that—if sometimes contaminated with the residual geometries of sub-dimensional space—they would recognize, inspiring them to establish a project similar to our own Omphalos Project, that is, one dedicated to decoding an alien tongue.But this was something we only deduced following the capture of what is now known as The Omphalos, or Codex Pornographia.

[1] Only later were Professor Lefevre’s team to discover that this was only partially true, the chronology of Earth2 and Ephebos extending into a future relative to our present by some two to five thousand years.

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